A Christmas Story Christmas: An Instant Classic for the Whole Family

If you’re anything like us, one of the most reliable Christmas traditions is watching A Christmas Story (probably on replay) first thing in the morning while opening presents. This classic is essential to the holiday experience, which is why we were so excited to tune in to the new release, A Christmas Story Christmas

Ralphie comes home to his childhood home for Christmas following the passing of his old man, determined to give his kids the type of Christmas he remembers in his childhood. Reconnect with old friends and maybe rekindle with some old enemies in this Christmas tale following up to the 1983 memories of a young boy.

This sequel matures with its audience (while staying family friendly). Ralphie is more focused on filling the Christmas wishes of his kids rather than his own. He combats the comparison of giving his children the type of Christmas his father always did for him, while mourning the loss of his own father. Simultaneously, Ralphie is dealing with following his passion in life and filling his family’s needs. 

A Christmas Story Christmas is an original story and an instant classic. Many sequels rely on the original jokes to entertain viewers, but A Christmas Story Christmas choses to let the legends live on in their own right with only a cheeky nudge to the content. You will be thrilled to recall Flick getting stuck on the flagpole and the chants of “You’ll shoot your eye out” while following a more aged Ralphie struggle with genuine adult concerns. The laughs never stop, but more importantly the holiday spirit is alive and well! 

We were left with tears in our eyes and a need to immediately watch the first film with a whole new appreciation. 

“My father didn’t just celebrate Christmas. He indulged it.” Ralphie shares about his father. 

We invite you to indulge your family this holiday season with this beautiful story.

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