SWIRL AND REVEAL SURPRISE DESIGNS: There’s so many ways to play with the Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Set! Fill the sand swirler, layer sand, squish it, carve it, slice it and more! Revealing your surprises is so much fun! 6 COLORS OF KINETIC SAND: This Kinetic Sand kit includes 2.5lbs of sand – red, blue, green, yellow, exclusive white, and purple Kinetic Sand! Fluff the sand and let it flow, then layer, carve and slice with tools to reveal unique designs!
ARTIST PALETTE AND 4 KINETIC SAND TOOLS: Store and mix colors easily using the artist palette. With 4 Kinetic Sand molds and tools to create with, transform the sand and customize your effects!
LOADS OF SENSORY FUN: Kinetic Sand for kids develops creative and sensory skills and allows kids to create anything they can imagine! Great addition to the sensory bin and the perfect gifts for kids 3 and up!

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Swirl sand to magically create beautiful sand art with the Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise playset! The most hands-on approach to Kinetic Sand art play, this playset lets kids flow, swirl and stack sand with 4 tools and 2.5lbs of sand in red, purple, green, yellow, white, and purple. Fluff the sand and fill the sand swirler, close the lid for mess-free play, then press down on the pump to swirl the sand around! Watch as you reveal mesmerizing sand art designs! Store and mix colors easily using the included artist palette. Swirl, carve and slice again and again – it’s so much fun! With the Kinetic Sand Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise playset, there are so many creative possibilities! For even more sandisfying ways to play, look for the 2lb Kinetic Sand bulk bags of colored sand and the Mermaid Crystal Playset (toys each sold separately)! Kinetic Sand is the original magical, moldable and mesmerizing play sand. Better than arts and crafts modeling clay, this sensory sand never dries out, so you can play with Kinetic Sand for hours of tactile independent play. Let it flow through your hands – it’s so satisfying, you won’t be able to put it down! Kinetic Sand is made with natural sand and is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. It magically sticks together and cleans up easily. Kinetic Sand kids toys for 3 year old boys and girls are the perfect gift for kids. Customize your own surprise sand effects with the Kinetic Sand Deluxe Swirl N’ Surprise Set!


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